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Setting up Mobile Rescue:

What's Mobile Rescue?

It's a security app that works in the background on your phone. Once you've activated it...

- You'll have cover for loss and theft of your phone
- You can back up all your contacts
- You can lock your phone if it goes missing, either from your online account or another mobile phone
- You can find a lost or misplaced phone by seeing its location on a map
- You can sound a siren on a misplaced phone

The great thing is, Mobile Rescue doesn't drain your phone's battery or slow it down. It's in sleep mode until you access it from your online account or another phone.

Don't forget you will need Mobile Rescue activated to be covered by our insurance if your phone is lost or stolen.

How do I get it?

It's one of the perks of having mobile phone insurance with Virgin Media. We'll send you a text within 5 working days of your policy's start date, so you can activate Mobile Rescue at
To activate Mobile Rescue on a replacement phone, just take a look at the simple instructions that came with it and tap in your phone's web browser to get started.
If you are a Blackberry user - you may receive an additional text message during set up which you can safely ignore. It's just a piece of housekeeping on the app.

How do I know if it's activated?

Sign into Your Account at to view your account and activate your phone. If you want to make sure you're all set up, just click "Locate" and you should see where your phone is on a map.

Can I install Mobile Rescue on my memory card?

For Mobile Rescue to work, it needs to be in your phone memory, and not on a memory card.

I can't get it to work on my phone. What could be wrong?

First things first, check that Mobile Rescue is compatible with your phone. If it is, contact us for a helping hand.

How do I re-install Mobile Rescue on my phone?

There are 2 ways to do this:

- Tap "" in your phone's web browser and follow the download instructions.
- Login to your Mobile Rescue online account and click on the re-download button.

It doesn't seem to be activated on my BlackBerry®. What can I do?

There are some particular settings you can check on your BlackBerry®. Have a look at your phone manual to see where these settings are in your phone's menu.

- Make sure your BlackBerry® Service Book includes BlackBerry® Internet Browsing Service.
- Check that all the Mobile Rescue app permissions are set to Allow.
- Lastly, make sure that your BlackBerry®'s device's Firewall shouldn't be blocking incoming messages.

Just so you know: BlackBerry®'s Internet Browsing Service is a SIM card setting, rather than a phone setting. So, if you swap SIM cards it might not work and you'll need to check your settings again. Also, keep in mind that Mobile Rescue might be set to automatically lock if you swap SIM cards, and there's also the possibility that your BlackBerry® might not be able to connect to the Mobile Rescue servers.

Can I use Mobile Rescue with other applications that can lock my phone (e.g. McAfee Mobile Security)?

To avoid unpredictable locking behaviour, we advise that device locking should only be enabled for Virgin Mobile Rescue.

Using Mobile Rescue:

How do I lock my lost or stolen phone?

There are two ways to do this:

- Send a text to your phone from another mobile with your phone's Lock Code as the message.
- Sign into your secure online account and click Lock.

How do I unlock my phone?

You've got two options:

- Click Unlock in your online account
- Tap your Phone Lock Code into the phone.

What's my Phone Lock Code?

Your Phone Lock Code is the four digit number you chose when you were setting up the service. You'll need it to lock and unlock your phone.

If you've forgotten the number, don't worry you can still unlock your phone from your secure online account. While you're there, you can reset your Phone Lock Code too.

What if my phone's switched off when I lock it?

If the phone's switched on within 48 hours of you locking it, it'll still be locked. It'll even lock if a different SIM card is put into the phone.

Will my phone still be locked if it's switched off and then restarted?

Absolutely. It can only be unlocked from your online account, or if you tap your Phone Lock Code into the phone.

Will the phone lock and stay locked if the SIM card is changed?

Yes. Mobile Rescue can tell if the SIM card has been changed and it locks automatically when a different SIM is put into the phone. You can lock your phone from your online account, no matter which SIM is in there.

If the original SIM is put back into the phone, it'll still stay locked until you tap in your four digit Phone Lock Code.

Could a thief still use my phone after it's locked?

Once it's locked, your phone can only be used to take incoming calls, make an emergency call or call to report a phone that's been found.

Will Mobile Rescue work when I'm abroad?

It will, but you might have to pay roaming charges if you're using Mobile Rescue in another country.

If I've changed SIMs, will the phone unlock when I use my original SIM?

No. The SIM Change Lock keeps the information on your phone safe, even if a different SIM is put into the phone. For security reasons, we won't automatically unlock your phone if the original SIM is inserted again. To unlock it, just type in your Phone Lock Code.

Can I customise Mobile Rescue?

You can! You can set it up so that it'll automatically lock your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced, and you can make sure your phone locks if someone tries to use it outside the country (unless you unlock it). All these settings can be changed any time from your online account at

Can my phone be located if it's turned off?

You'll be able to see its last known location in your online account, and you'll only be able to see new location updates when the phone is turned back on.

Just so you know, we recommend that you never use Mobile Rescue to recover a stolen phone. Always report it to the police and they'll take care of it for you.

How do I Back Up / restore my contacts?

Sign into your Mobile Rescue account at and choose either the Back Up or Restore contacts option.

Click on the button and Mobile Rescue does the rest. You'll need to remember to back up your contacts regularly so that you can restore them to your phone if you need to.

My phone won’t give me enough time to enter my PIN to lock it and it freezes.

You probably have another App that is trying lock your phone at the same time as Mobile Rescue. Disable the other application from its online web portal.

Removing Mobile Rescue:

Can I remove Mobile Rescue from my phone?

You can, but just remember that if you don't have Mobile Rescue on your phone, it won't be covered for loss or theft any more.

If you still want to remove Mobile Rescue, just contact us and we'll take care of it for you.

What if I upgrade my phone and want to give the old phone to someone else?

No problem! We'll set up Mobile Rescue on your new phone and send you an activation text message. Then just contact us to remove Mobile Rescue from your old phone.

What Operating Systems are supported?

1. Blackberry 4.2.1 and above

2. Android 2.2 and above

3. Apple IOS 4.0 and above

3. Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5

4. Symbian 3rd & 5th edition

How do I customize Mobile Rescue for my device?

Login to your vault on and click on the Settings icon. Here you will find a range of customizable settings, under the Locking Type section including Call Pattern Lock, SIM Lock, Roaming Lock amongst others. More details are available in the Settings section.

Does Mobile Superhero work if the device is taken out of the local operator's network or to another country?

All features of Mobile Superhero will work no matter where in the world the phone is. However, if you are out of the country and on roaming, you will incur roaming charges through your telecom operator.

Can you locate the device if its turned off?

The last known location will available to view in your vault. However no new location updates will be available until the device is turned on.

Can I change my SIM to another phone?

If you buy a new phone, then you will have to register this new device for Mobile Superhero. Ensure that you delete the existing entry from your vault first.

Locking/Unlocking the phone:

I clicked Lock/Unlock Device from my online vault but nothing happens?

This would indicate that the application is either not installed on your device OR it has been installed but not activated. Please see How do I get started? Or alternatively get in touch with us at

How do I Lock my lost or stolen device?

Step 1: You should login to your vault at and click the Lock icon, to protect it from unauthorised use. For some smartphones, you can also text your 4 digit Pin Code from any other cell phone to lock your device.

What does Lock and Wipe do?

Lock and Wipe, locks your Android device and wipes the following...

inbox and outbox SMS messages.
all the contacts
call history
all data on the external SD card.

Use with caution. The data cannot be recovered.

I activated the Lock & Wipe functionality, can I cancel it?

You can cancel Lock & Wipe by unlocking the device from the vault or by inputting the 4 Digit Pin code. All files wiped prior to this point cannot be recovered.

Lock and Wipe was activated and now I cannot access my external SD card

On certain devices the Lock and Wipe will temporarily cause the SD card to stop working. To fix this remove and reinsert the SD card into the device, and turn the device off and on..

What if my device is switched off when I click on 'Lock'?

The lock instruction remains outstanding and the next time the device is switched on again, the device will be locked.

Will my device continue to remain locked after restarting?

Yes, your device will continue to remain locked after you restart it. Only you can unlock your device by either entering your 4 digit Pin Code on the device or logging into your vault and clicking the Unlock icon.

Can I lock my cellular device even if the SIM is changed?

Yes, by selecting the Settings icon from your vault, you can set your Locking preferences to lock your device if the SIM card is changed. Also, our patent pending SIM tracking technology also allows you to Lock or Locate your device from your vault even if a new SIM card has been inserted.

NOTE: SIM change lock is not available for iPhone, iPad or WiFi only devices.

If SIM Change Lock is enabled and I insert another SIM, the device locks. Will my phone unlock when I insert my original SIM again?

No, you will need to unlock the phone from your vault or with your 4 digit Pin code.

Could a thief still use my device after it is locked?

No, other than answering incoming calls, making an emergency call or a call to report the device found to us. We allow these exceptions to help recover your phone.

How do I see images taken by my smartphone after locking?

These are available to view in your vault, when you click on the Images icon.

How do I Unlock my device?

If you have locked your device, you can unlock it instantly by either entering your 4 digit Pin Code on your device or clicking the Unlock icon in your vault -

I have forgotten my 4 digit Pin Code and now cannot unlock my device. What can I do?

You can log into your vault at and unlock your device from there. You can recover your PIN from the Settings section of the vault.

Apple iPhone - How do I remove the passcode?

Simply go to Settings - General - Profiles then select Mobile Protector and click on the Remove button. You will be asked to enter your passcode to confirm the deletion.

Account Settings:

Can I have multiple devices on the one account / vault.

Yes, multiple devices can be registered. However you will need a policy number / authorisation code for each individual device. When registering, make sure you use the one email address for all devices. Login to your vault, using the registered email address to see all devices.

If I delete a device from the Vault, can I un-delete it?

You have 7 days to undo the delete. Simply click on the Undo Delete icon in your vault.

How do I change my e-mail address if I made a mistake?

If you are able to login to your vault, click on the My Account link at the top right hand side of the vault and select 'Change your Email Address' option. If you do not know the email address with which you registered, please contact us with your Policy number at